Once you've built a decent amount of Tours, we strongly recommend that you group them logically using Tags. In this way, you'll later be able to use filtering and keep your view organized.

There are two methods you can follow to add tags to your Tours:

  • From the Builder's sidebar, when editing a Tour.

  • From the Dashboard.

Adding Tags from the Builder

When editing a Tour, you can also select which Tags you want to add so that you can later use them to filter your list of Tours.

To add Tags, simply type the name into the field and hit enter when done -- if there's an existing Tag, it will be used, otherwise, a new Tag will be created.

Note: Capitalization is ignored when creating a Tag.

Filtering your Tours

After adding your Tags, you will be able to filter your Tours using those, so that your Tour list will only show the relevant Tours. When filtering, you can also use other parameters to filter, such as:

  • Tag

  • URL

  • Author

  • Tour status

  • Segment

Adding Tags from the Dashboard

It is also possible to add Tags directly from the Chameleon Dashboard, with the advantage that here you can apply Tags in bulk to many Tours and edit your Tags from the Data Management page.

It's really simple to add Tags from the Dashboard -- simply select which Tours you want to apply the Tags, press the Bulk actions menu, and select Edit tags. From here, you will see a list from where you can select an existing Tag or create a new one.

Filtering your Tours

Once your Tags are applied, you can select the Group by Tag button to group your Tours list by Tag.

You can also collapse the different groups and reorder them according to your preference.

Note: Reordering a Tour group will not affect its priority order. To adjust the priority of a Tour, you'll need to select the Sort by priority option and re-arrange your Tours accordingly.

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