It is important to know how your tours are performing and Chameleon automatically collects the data and provides you a simple report. 

What data does Chameleon collect?

We track events including:

  • Started Tour / Microsurvey

  • Completed Tour / Microsurvey

  • Exited Tour / Microsurvey

  • Step Seen

  • Button clicked

  • Dismiss clicked

  • Link clicked (if the body text contains links)

For these events, we also track user properties, such as:

  • Tour / Microsurvey name

  • URL

  • Step name

  • Text (for button, dismiss and link clicks where appropriate)

  • Link Target (for links)

  • Button properties such as ID, Action, Kind (when using alternative type of CTA actions, like firing a click on an element or running JS code etc.)

  • Browser, City, Country and other default browser properties

For full details of all Chameleon data collected, use our schema Google Sheet:

We track all this for each user so you can assess how many users start and complete tours, and which steps they fall off at; understand how your users engage with Chameleon Experiences, and how they interact with your product.

You can also learn more about the analytics available for the different types of experiences here:

What reporting does Chameleon provide?

Overall tour activity

You can view the data for your account - and all Experiences associated with it - on your dashboard

This provides an overall view on which Experiences are live, the number of times these were started and completed, which segments they are targeting, etc. 

Know more about the Experience Performance Dashboard.

Individual Tour performance

Chameleon provides funnel reporting for each Tour, to help you see how many users are completing it, and which steps are causing the greatest drop-off. You can use this to improve badly performing steps.

This gives you a quick way to see how many users started and completed a specific Tour and how many progressed to each step. 

You can also export detailed data, at a user level, to a CSV. To learn more about how to do this, read this article

Does Chameleon send data to other tools?

While you can see basic Tour performance data within the Chameleon analytics report, you may wish to conduct more detailed and sophisticated analysis, such as different funnels, cohort assessment, regression tracking, etc., to learn the most about how tours impact user success. 

Chameleon is the most well-connected product guidance solution and our native integrations allow you to easily see Chameleon data in your preferred analytics tool. 

All the events and data collected by Chameleon can be sent to the following tools. Learn more by reading our Integrations User Guides:

Can I download Chameleon data via API?

Chameleon provides an API that enables you to download Experience data and send it to your data warehouse or other business reporting solution. Read more here.

To learn more about what's possible from our API, please read this API basics article.

Can Chameleon help measure conversion?

Chameleon can help you track impact beyond tour completion by setting a separate conversion goal. This can help you understand whether your tour is having impact beyond users completing it. 

Goals can be taken from any of the events being sent to Chameleon (via Segment / our API) or can even be defined from within Chameleon without requiring any coding.

This means you can easily save a click or page load as an event using Chameleon and track how many users did that after starting a tour.

Data security practices

By default, Chameleon does not collect any data personal or personally identifying data. You can learn more about what we collect and why here.

Chameleon adheres to EU GDPR, CCPA, and similar regulatory protocols and has a clean SOC 2 Type II attestation.

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