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Chameleon collects data about your live Tooltips to help you understand better how they perform and how they impact your product's success. You can review this data in your Chameleon Dashboard, or get it out to analyze along with your other product events.

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Aside from the performance reviews you can do in the Chameleon Dashboard, you can always export your Tooltip data to enable a more holistic understanding. You can do this through:

πŸ’‘ It's never too soon to start understanding how your Tooltips impact your product's adoption, even if you have to start with a spreadsheet. If you have dedicated analytics tools, then that's where you can really understand your Chameleon data.

With Tooltips, Chameleon collects events such as Tooltip seen/ dismissed, Link clicked or button clicked. We also attach some useful properties, like the name of the Tooltip, the trigger type, the Environments it's in, or the button text.

Download our Data Schema below for the full details on the data that Chameleon collects (for Tooltips and other Chameleon products).

In the Chameleon Dashboard, you can always check on the overall performance of your Tooltips which shows you how many Tooltips you have live and how many have been seen by your users. Adjust the time span to spot spikes of performance that can help you analyze their impact.

You can view more details in the table view below for example, how many times a specific Tooltip has been seen and who is seeing it.

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about analyzing how your Experiences perform to understand how this impacts your product's success.

πŸ‘€ Note: We are working to bring more robust analytics to the Dashboard, for all Experiences soon.

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