Analyzing Tour data
Know how to review and export your Tour data and best practices for extracting insights.
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Chameleon automatically collects data about your Tours' performance to help you measure iterations and determine where you can improve. You can access and review this data in your Dashboard, or export it to analyze along with your other product events and gain a more holistic understanding of how you drive users' behaviors.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Available for all plans

πŸ” *Conversion Goals available for Growth & Enterprise

βš™οΈ Review or get from the Dashboard

Quick access

In your Chameleon Dashboard, you can conduct a quick analysis to understand how your Tours are performing and understand how these contribute to your goals. As your product events and uniquely tied to your users' behaviors, you'll probably want to include your Tour data in your broader analytics processes for a complete picture.

There are three ways you can review your Tour data outside of Chameleon:

πŸ’‘ Pick a method that works for you to enable you to be able to pinpoint successful efforts, and opportunities to improve.

We recommend you start looking at your Tours' performance as soon as possible to increase their effectiveness. Start at a spreadsheet level until you have a dedicated analytics system you can leverage. πŸ˜‰

Chameleon collects Tour events such as Tour seen, Step dismissed, or button clicked. These events have some useful properties attached, and a UID, to make it easier for you to understand where your Tour occurred, which Step has been dismissed, or other

browser-based properties.

Download our Data Schema for the full details on the data that Chameleon collects (for Tours and other Chameleon Experiences).

In your Chameleon Dashboard, you can review the overall, or individual performance of your Tours at a glance. Come here to see how many Tours you have live, how many have been seen by your users, and how many monthly active users you have.

Adjust the time frame to understand how your users engage with them and see if you notice any differences.

In the table below the performance chart, you can review individual Tours' metrics such as the completion rate, when it was last seen, and which Segment is displaying to.

πŸ’‘ With Tours, you can also track events in your product, and directly correlate these with a Tour's success. This enables you to fine-track how your Tours contribute to your adoption goals. Learn more about using Tour conversion Goals.

πŸ‘‰ Learn how you can analyze your Experiences' performance to understand how this impacts your product's success.

πŸ‘€ Note: We are working to bring more robust analytics to the Dashboard, for all Experiences soon.

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