Chameleon is a platform designed to help enable product success. You can use it to build, manage, and improve in-product experiences - banners, walkthroughs, modals, tooltips, checklists, microsurveys, etc. - for your web application without writing any code.

How can I get value from Chameleon?

Anyone involved in product growth and success, or just really any product person, can use Chameleon to build better user onboarding, improve feature adoption, collect quality feedback, and more. It is designed to help non-technical team members quickly build and deploy these experiences through a WYSIWYG interface, avoiding the wait for engineering cycles and dev resources.

It is possible to send data to Chameleon to segment your users and display the experiences accordingly. This will allow you to effectively target your experiences, enabling use cases such as:

  • Showing key functionalities to new users.

  • Highlighting product changes and reducing confusion.

  • Improving feature discoverability.

  • Enabling self-serve help to reduce support requests.

  • Deploying NPS, CSAT, CET, and custom microsurveys to your users.

  • and more...

Chameleon automatically collects data on the published experiences, to enable analysis and optimization. You can also use one of the hundreds of integrations possible with Chameleon, to see your data alongside your other analytics.

A Tour built by one of our customers

Why use Chameleon?

If you're interested in building in-product experiences, in alternative to a platform like Chameleon you can either:

  • Rely entirely on your product's intuitive design and don't include any custom in-product experiences. You need more than great design to trigger your users to act, learn, and truly love your product - for this, Chameleon complements a good design and does not compete with it.

  • Build your experiences in-house. Doing so will mean that you direct critical engineering time away from your core product and lose the freedom to optimize and deploy new experiences on-the-go, without relying on dev resources or engineering cycles.

Using Chameleon to build your product experiences brings you more than just the ability to build web components. It brings you the ability to go through quick iterations, using A/B testing, gathering data for analytics, and truly giving time to care about your end-users experience.

You can start using Chameleon for free, within minutes, without requiring anyone else. Simply sign-up and download our Chrome Extension to start your free trial. 

🤓 But we get it. Sometimes you want to have the bigger picture. You can check out how Chameleon compares to other tools and decide based on your needs.

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