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Best practices: start at a high level before diving in

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Most product people over-estimate how much their users know about their product and how to use it. They are de-sensitized to the difficulty of learning a new product, because they are so removed from the first-time experience. 

This leads to the tendency of tours being very detailed and often missing some of the key context that makes it useful. 

Before you begin building a tour, figure out these things:

  1. What is the "aha moment" that I want a user to reach?

  2. What's currently stopping or slowing a user down in reaching that?
    Examples include: not being motivated enough (don't understand value they stand to gain); believing it's not worth the effort (think it's too hard); requiring someone or something outside the platform; not knowing what they should do next

  3. Decide which 1-2 friction points to address from the product tour
    Don't try to do too much! Give users a little nudge and then embrace their natural curiosity and desire to explore. 

When creating tours for new users or educating about new features, consider explaining key terminology / concepts (especially anything unique to the product). Don't hand hold users through every painstaking step (e.g. form fields) because that feels overbearing and patronizing. 

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