Don't engage prematurely

Best practices: if you're too early, you won't land

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We've all experienced popups and tours starting as soon as we land in the dashboard of a new application for the first time. Our immediate and instinctive reaction is to dismiss or close them. Instead we want to explore the underlying product and not be interrupted. 

This reflects a person's underlying desire for self-discovery and play. After putting in the work to sign-up people want to explore freely, not be constrained by some overbearing hand-holding. 

Therefore, in combination with asking for permission and trying to make users happy, there is another element you can leverage: a delay. ⌛️ 

A delay before your guidance shows allows users to first get accustomed to the underlying application (and satisfy their original need for freedom) and to realize that they may need some guidance. This makes them much more appreciative of the help you offer and will increase the likelihood they will engage in your tour and teaching. 

Use Chameleon's delay trigger to achieve this for any step. ✅

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