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Best practices: ensure your styling is bold and welcoming

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Traditionally users have disliked product tours and walkthroughs because they've been ugly and annoying. Instead, you can build delightful guidance that makes users love your product. 

Slack built fandom right from the onset with it's user onboarding, and is an example you can follow easily. 

Slack used a bright and bold color palette to help draw attention and distinguish it's onboarding tips.

The lesson for you is: use background colors for your steps that are contrasting and complimentary to your underlying app color. This will help users take notice and understand that your tours are a helpful guide to the underlying product. 

With Chameleon, you can create a custom design style for all product Tours so users remain familiar with this method of learning. Set these up in your account styling section, and check out the options you have when customizing Chameleon Experiences, in this article.

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