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Best practices: letting users opt-in will lead to better completion

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We all hate being forced into things we didn't choose, and product tours is high in that category. Instead of requiring users to expend effort clicking through your product tour, give them the chance to opt-in. 

This means what you're offering in the tour needs to be compelling such that a user wants to learn. This will be hard, but it's important, because it will lead to much better success with your tours. 

Asking whether users want to proceed and take a tour in the first step will lead to much better tour completion and higher satisfaction rates. 

Some tips for doing this:

  • Use the main CTA to proceed to the tour

  • Users can exit the tour using the 'Dismiss' functionality

  • You can use softer dismiss options (e.g. "Later") and start the tour again

  • Once a user opts-in, you no longer need to provide them the 'Dismiss' options in the other steps of the tour

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