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Best practices: focus on what users need to succeed

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Tooltips and tours have a bad reputation because they have traditionally been really annoying; popping up before you're ready and asking you to take some action you're not interested in. 

Don't make the same mistake when building a tour for your users!

Only offer users help that they find truly valuable and for that they will thank you, not berate you. Taking a tour should not feel like a chore, but more of an enjoyable learning journey. 

It's not a shortcut to drive "product engagement" but a way for users to succeed and get value more quickly. Retain this frame of mind when planning and building tours. 

In some cases, you don't even have to teach -- simply just congratulate a user for accomplishing something. Making users feel good will develop a good relationship between your tours and them, and lead to continued engagement and interest. 

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