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Copy is your #1 lever

Best practices: spend a lot of time making the copy tight

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Don't underestimate the power of the words in your tours. They are probably the most important aspect of successful tour completion.ย 

Ensure that you follow some of these principles:

  • Keep the language as succinct as possible

  • Use simple words that users will understand easily (or are already familiar with)

  • Let the text be easily scannable (avoid multiple paragraphs and more than 2-3 lines)

  • Be direct and tell users exactly what they need to do

  • Ensure all headers convey the core point of the step, if read in isolation.
    โ€‹E.g. replace "Introduction" as a title in a step with something like "Start with your profile".

We strongly encourage you to review your tour content with a copywriter or UX designer (or at least another person on your team) and work together to find ways to CUT content. This will help you retain only the most valuable text, and reduce noise.ย 

๐Ÿ›  You can also try Grammarly -- a Chrome Extension to help you write better.ย 

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