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Explore what you can view on the Hopemage and how to make the best out of the data available here

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The Chameleon Homepage is the place to keep up with your account activity and users' engagement. Here, you can quickly understand the efficiency of Experiences and what other teammates do in your account.

User coverage

This section gives you a good overview of how you engage users with Chameleon Experiences on a monthly course.

This chart shows the total number of targeted users (seen in the last 30 days) and how many are neglected versus how many are engaged.

  • Engaged users -- the number of users who complete a Chameleon Experience in the last 30 days

  • Neglected users -- total MTUs minus engaged users (users who are not yet targeted with any Experiences)

You can also click on the number for each category to open a slideout and review all users that are neglected, for example, and their associated data.

In your data exports, you'll also find a property showing the last time a user has engaged with one of your Experiences.

πŸ‘‰ Review your Segments and Experiences to see where you can optimize for better targeting. Ensure that your neglected users can benefit from in-app efforts.

Engagement Index

Use the Engagement index to understand how healthy your in-apps are. This graph shows the ratio of positive to negative user interactions with your Experiences (over the past 6 weeks). It is a good indication of whether your Experiences are well-received by users.

The Engagement index shows a score between 0 - 100 for each week. This is calculated based on different user interactions, that are either positive or negative for each type of Experience.

β„Ή It may take around 1 week to gather data and populate your graph.

πŸ‘‰ Use the "Quality Score" to improve your Experience delivery, targeting, or styling. Test the end-user Experience and try to understand why negative interactions occur.

Experiences recap

See how many Experiences you have live of each type and jump in to review, assess, or edit existing Experiences on your account.

✨ Ensure you're making the best out of your Chameleon plan and you're leveraging all available Experiences to guide users in your app.

Activity Feed

Review your account activity at a glance and see who's publishing, editing, or building new in-apps. The Activity Feed shows the major events for Tours, Tooltips, Microsurveys, and Launchers, as well as any notes that teammates leave.

You can click on any update to access the respective Experience and see more details.

β„Ή HelpBar updates are not part of the Activity Feed yet.

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