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Learn how to write reviews that get approved and influence our product's growth

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G2 is one of the world's biggest review sites for B2B software. On the G2 platform, users can share authentic reviews about the tools that they use, and discover, compare, and review other software and services.

These reviews help other users and businesses make more informed decisions that fit their team and business requirements. Product teams will also use the insights to improve the product and users' experience.

This guide will take you through all the steps of leaving a review and offer tips to ensure your review gets approved by G2.

Why do G2 Reviews matter?

Reviews are a common deciding factor in all buying decisions. G2 addresses the need for insightful, comprehensive reviews of software tools as opposed to other products. With B2B software purchases, the investment of energy, time, and resources has to empower teams to ensure ROI and the wrong decision can be costly.

This is where sites like G2 come in to provide unbiased insights about what it means to use the platform from users with similar challenges. These reviews help answer more important questions that empower professionals to confidently choose and adopt new tools.

For Chameleon

As a Chameleon user, your feedback is very valuable to us, to know what to improve or what's missing to make your experience even more successful. Sharing what's working well and where you encounter difficulties helps us prioritize new features and improve our existing functionalities.

For other Professionals

Your endorsement will also help other professionals looking to adopt a product adoption platform in deciding whether Chameleon is a good fit for them. By seeing how Chameleon helped you solve your specific challenges, they can accurately assess if Chameleon is a good fit for them too.

How to write a G2 Review for Chameleon?

👉 We encourage you to describe your experience with Chameleon as accurately as possible and note what we do well or where we should improve.

If you're happy with Chameleon and have no existing issues in driving adoption, a 5⭐️ review would make a big difference for us!

If nothing is stopping you from implementing your use cases but you desire more functionality, please don't consider this a reason to give us a smaller rating. Add your suggestions to your review or share product feedback with us here.

Step 1 - Visit Chameleon's profile on G2

Search for Chameleon on the G2 website or click the button below to visit Chameleon's profile.

Click the "Review now" button to start your review.

Step 2 - Sign in or create your account

To ensure all reviews are valid and authentic G2 must validate that you are an actual user. You have two options to log in:

  • Option 1: Use your business email

  • Option 2: Use your LinkedIn account or Google (Business) -- this is the quickest and easiest way

You will receive an email after filling out the form and you will need to click on the link in the email to verify your account.

Step 3 - Write your review

Next, you'll see the G2 form and you can start writing your review.

You will answer questions about your experience using Chameleon -- what you liked, disliked, what problems Chameleon solves for you, etc.

It might feel like there are many sections to go through, but you can be short and to the point with your answers and meet the minimum word count, which you will see in the bottom right corner of the comment box.

You'll also notice a line along the comment box (turning from grey to blue to green) which indicates you have reached the optimal review length. This will increase the chance of your review getting approved, but it's not necessary.

👉 Example Structure

  • Title: Summarize your key takeaway (e.g., "Chameleon helps us efficiently onboard users"). You can also briefly state your role, industry, and the challenge that Chameleon helped you solve.

  • Like: Mention specific features that you used and how they benefit your workflow.

  • Dislike: Add any improvements or features that would help you be more successful.

Below are some tips to help you write your review and ensure it gets approved by G2.

  • Don't skip sections: be sure to fill in all the "required" fields in the different review sections.

  • Be Specific: don't just say "Chameleon is great!" Explain how it has helped you. Highlight a specific feature that solved your pain points, and ideally mention quantifiable results (e.g. "reduced support tickets by 20%").

  • Avoid using AI: G2 will detect if it's not an authentic human description and will reject your review if you use AI to help you describe pros/cons or how you used Chameleon. Use your own voice and focus on the highlights of your experience.

  • Fill in as many questions as possible from the satisfaction survey: answering optional questions will help

Example reviews

Step 5 - Confirm you are a Chameleon user (optional)

This step is optional but it will help G2 verify your review faster. We highly recommend you go through it as it will take a few seconds and increase the chances of getting your review approved.

  • Visit your Chameleon Dashboard and take a screenshot of your account

  • Upload your screenshot to G2

These screenshots will never be publicly displayed or shared with anyone else. Ensure you are logged in and the user name is visible.

Step 6 - Submit your review

After completing all sections, take a few moments to:

  • Review your grade

  • Review your word count and answers

Finally, click "Submit" and you're all done! You'll be able to see your review and its status in your G2 account. You can edit and update your review at any point in time.

Claiming your gift card

If you're sharing a review as part of a gift card campaign you'll receive your gift card after G2 approves your review. The gift card will arrive in your inbox soon after.

👉 Make sure you review the tips in Step 3 to ensure your review will get approved.

Why is it important to refresh your review?

Reviews decay over time and lose their impact. If you've already left a review and continue using Chameleon, we encourage you to revisit it and update it with your most recent impressions after a few months, or once a year. Simply click “Edit review” on the right of the review that you want to change.

This is incredibly valuable to other professionals, to understand how Chameleon grew and how your experience changed over time.


🔻 Can I post my review anonymously?

Absolutely! If you don't feel comfortable leaving a review with your name attached, you can check the option that says “I would like this review to appear as Unattributed” near the bottom of the review form. If you check this box, your name, company, and profile image will not be publicly visible in the review.

🔻 Do I need to fill in all the questions?
​For G2 to consider your review complete, you need to fill in all the required questions in the satisfaction survey. It's helpful though for other users to see how you answered some of the optional questions too.

🔻 Why is it important to sign up before leaving a review?

It’s important to verify your identity on G2 and confirm that you are not an employee or competitor of the platform you’re reviewing. Business emails or LinkedIn profiles are the best way to verify your information. This information is not publicly tied to your review.

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