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Can I create a Tooltip using a Tour?
Can I create a Tooltip using a Tour?
Learn how to create Tooltips, refer to a specific element on the page, and target a specific user group.
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Tooltips are designed to provide in-flow information in a non-intrusive manner, based on a push or pull interaction from your end-users. There are, essentially, two ways to build tooltips with Chameleon:

Tooltips are essentially single-Step Tours that are anchored to a specific element and give more insight about a specific feature when triggered by your users.

To create a tooltip using Tours, you will need to:

1. Create a Tour (select the 'Announcement' type)

2. Add a Step and enter the Builder to configure your Tooltip. Set it's position, add your content and style it to fit your purpose.

3. Set it's Position to be anchored to an Element (the element you want to position this Tooltip adjacent to)

4. Add a Pointer, giving even more context into the specific functionality you're explaining.

4. Add an 'On-Page Trigger', from the Display Rules section, and select the option you want - you can show this Tooltip when a user hovers/clicks on that or another element or on an icon adjacent to an element. Learn more about the different triggere types from this article section.

5. Once you return to the Tour configuration in the Dashboard, set the Recurrence to be "Repeat immediately" -- this means that as soon as your Tooltip is completed, it will be available for users to see again when they trigger it.

Some advantages of creating Tooltips using Tours in Chameleon:

  • All the customizability that Tours have, in case you need more control.

  • You can define goals and track the success of your Tours.

Some things to keep in mind when creating Tooltips this way:

  • Only one Tour can appear open at a time.

  • If you open one Tour Step trigger, the rest will disappear.

  • The Tour will not close on hover-off.

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