With Chameleon Tours, you can ensure your guidance is always on-point no matter where your users pick up on it.

Learn how to deliver information that is always relevant by skipping Steps that may not be as important, or relevant altogether, depending on the different user flows.

You may have users who launch your Tours from different places in your app, and some Steps may not come in as relevant, depending on where they start it. But, there's still essential for a user who doesn't get a chance to perform those actions yet.

For example, you can have a Walkthrough Tour that your users can start from a Launcher to learn how to use a specific feature. The same Tour welcomes them on, let's say a homepage inside your app. It's starter-level information that users will need, regardless of their journey. So, if someone is already visiting your homepage, you wouldn't need them to go through a message explaining to them what they just tried out or explored on their own. It's going to feel pretty redundant right? 🥸

But, you will still want them to go on with the rest of the Tour since the upcoming information will be fresh to him. In this case, you can use Element Rules to skip a Tour Step and keep your messages always on-point.

General Rule: Keep in mind, that Tours started from a Launcher, ignore the first Step URL, Element, and Trigger Rules. You'll have to add a redirect if the first Step is anchored to an element on a specific page.

To skip a Tour Step, open your Tour and enter the Builder for on-page configurations. In the Display Rules section, you'll see the option to add an 'Element Rule'. You can use this option to select elements that are either present or absent on specific pages and condition your Tour Steps to display based on this.

Once you select this, you will be prompted to use the point-and-click editor to pinpoint the element that you'll use to condition as present or absent.

Pick the 5s, or 10s option for Chameleon to start looking for the element a little later - to be sure everything is in place, before assessing if the Tour Step should be displayed or not. And finally, select the Step to be skipped if the condition you just configured is not met.

Now, Chameleon will check this condition as well, everytime your Tour will show up.

💡Careful here, for your next sequenced Step to appear correctly, they should not have any other Element Rules set.

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