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Exporting a list of users from Chameleon
Exporting a list of users from Chameleon

Learn how to export and analyze the users from any Segment in Chameleon

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You can target all Experiences you create in Chameleon to specific users, based on who they are and how they engage with your product. Once you create a target audience, you can also download a file with all the users in it and associated data from the Dashboard.

Learn more about creating your Segments in Chameleon.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Available for all plans

πŸ“ Ready to power your Tours, Tooltips, Microsurveys, Launchers, & beyond

Quick access

With any Segment you create in Chameleon, it's easy to review how it is used and how big its audience is.

Go to the Segments page, in the Manage Segments tab, and click on any of them to see more details. A slideout will open, allowing you to check the Segment in more detail. Move through the tabs to see if you have the right list, or click 'View Segment' to open it.

The number of users in a Segment represents the number of users already seen by Chameleon in your product (i.e. users that have logged in since Chameleon was installed) that also match the filters you specified.

πŸ’‘ The number of matching users will update after you save any filter changes you make.

A 'Trial' Segment in the Chameleon Dashboard, with 40 users.

You can review your Segment in the Dashboard, or export it to your email or Google Drive.

You can export any Segment from the Dashboard. Simply use the ellipsis menu to choose between a CSV file, or a Google Drive export. You can also choose to include all the associated data, or not.

Exporting a Segment from the Dashboard

Once you begin the export you can get a beverage refill, it will take a couple of minutes to have your Segment data ready. 😊

You can also select multiple Segments, and use the Bulk Actions menu to export them with the same format options.

exporting multiple Segments from the Dashboard

In some cases, the number of users will not load, and instead display "Error" or show 0 users. This may be caused by a timeout error occurring (because the total number of users that Chameleon has seen from your account would take too long to parse). This means that the count is not loadable; nevertheless, the underlying targeting is still working!Β 

This gives you an estimate of the current size of the target audience for this Segment. You can click to open the Segment page in the Chameleon Dashboard, from where you can download the list of users.

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