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Can I exclude Chameleon Experiences when printing a page?
Can I exclude Chameleon Experiences when printing a page?

Use Custom CSS to prevent a Chameleon Experience from appearing when printing your webpages.

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If you have Chameleon installed on your app, any Experience set to display on your pages will also appear when you want to print out that webpage.

You can use custom CSS to exclude any Experiences from displaying during printing.

How to exclude Experiences when printing web pages?

Whenever you use the Print command on a page or a portion of your page, it is possible you will also see your Experiences displayed, such as this Microsurvey below:

If you want to exclude any Experiences showing up during printing, you can use custom CSS in your account-wide configuration to do so. From the "Styling" section of your Dashboard, go to Custom CSS and insert the following CSS code:

@media print {
#chmln-dom #chmln {
display: none !important;

πŸ’‘ After inserting the Custom CSS code, remember to hit Apply so that your changes will save.

Now, if you want to print out your page, you will no longer see any Experiences when you go to print:

Print away! πŸŽ‰

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