When asking for favors it's best to be polite and warm. In the product world, add highly relevant and if possible top that with charm, engagement, and freshness.

Your Chameleon Microsurveys can always be contextual and relevant, by setting their recurrence, a non-intrusive position, and the right audience Segment. You tick off the rest, with on-point copy and branded styling. 😉

What is recurrence in Chameleon?

An Experience's recurrence is whether it should repeat and how often it will do so after it has been exited or completed. This is an important component of ensuring your Experiences are not annoying or disruptive and will display to the users that are most prone to engage at a given moment with them.

General Rule: If a Microsurvey or a Tour is snoozed, it is not marked as exited or completed in Chameleon. This means they will still be in that Experience and submit to the applied snooze rule.

📝 For example, if you have a Microsurvey set to show immediately, but has a remind me later button, which snoozes it for two days. After clicking the remind me later button, it will only show again after two days, regardless of the recurrence option set.

How to set the recurrence to a Microsurvey?

You can select a recurrence option for each Microsurvey you create, from the Dashboard, after you build it, in the Choose recurrence panel.

Here, you can select one of the following options:

  • Does not repeat after the Micorsurvey is exited or completed

  • Repeat after page reloaded

  • Repeat immediately after exited or completed

  • Repeat on a time-based recurrence: each week, month, quarter, half-year, year

How often should you repeat a Microsurvey?

It's a delicate thing to know when to ask questions, for advice, or feedback while your users are surely engaged in a thing of their own. Use each recurrence setting in line with the type of Microsurvey you create and the action required from your user. 😊

There are a few things to consider when your goal is to gather valuable feedback.

Repeating a Microsurvey

You'll use this option if you want the same Microsurvey to show repeatedly to the same audience Segment. For this, you can use either:

  • Repeat after page releaded

    Effective when your Microsurvey's first Step does not have a trigger action (such as a user click). This way you ensure it will not re-appear immediately after it ends.

  • Repeat immediately

    Useful when the Microsuvey first Step has a trigger action and the trigger action (or label/icon) is available again for the user to act upon. This is particularly effective when asking users for input on a specific action or change.

  • Repeat on a time-based recurrence

    Great to use when you have regular processes for acquiring feedback and you want to make sure your users' input is always in your loop.

💡 Another reason to repeat your Microsurvey is for testing it: you can set the audience to be Just me and then experience your Microsurvye as an end-user.

General Rule: A Microsurvey with any of these recurrence options will repeat as long as it continues to meet all the necessary conditions for it to show (such as Target Audience, URL Rules, Element Rules, triggers, etc.). In cases when the user falls out of the Target Audience, the Microsurvey will not show again for this user, even if it is set to repeat.

Not repeating a Microsurvey

Showing your Microsurvey once is great for any precise feedback you want to collect. For example, when inquiring about a user's role, or a one-time feature rating.

If you set your Microsurvey to Not repeat after exited or completed, then it will show until a user either:

When a Microsurvey is set not to repeat and is either exited or completed, it will not show again to that same user.

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