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Learn how to trigger a Microsurvey from a Chameleon Launcher

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With Chameleon, you can show contextual Microsurveys to specific audiences to ensure their feedback is relevant and you're reaping valuable insights.

For example, triggering a Microsurvey from a self-serve Launcher to better understand the smoothness of your onboarding or the value of your most recent updates.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Available for all plans

πŸ“ For better Microsurveys

As in the case of other types of guidance, the ability to leave on-demand feedback is just as valuable. The quality of the feedback increases as users can choose when it's the best time for them to share their thoughts.

You can show on-demand Microsurveys by:

  • sharing your Microsurvey via a Walkthrough Tour (users start via a unique link)

  • adding your Microsurvey to a Launcher (under a 'ghost' Segment)

You can add any Chameleon Microsurvey to a Tour and share it with your audience in email campaigns or direct messaging. All you have to do is pick the Walkthrough Tour type (that enables you to share it remotely) and leverage the Additional Actions for your Tour's primary button.

Next, you can send it to users who are inactive as a constructive way of re-engaging them, or as part of a wider campaign to improve your product.

You can also trigger on-demand Microsurveys from Launchers, regardless of the main audience. To do this, you can create an 'empty' Segment in Chameleon that makes it impossible for users to qualify and assign it to your Microsurvey. Add that Microsurvey to your Launcher, and when it will be triggered it will ignore your Segment and appear to users.

πŸ‘€ We are working to enable you to embed NPS Microsurveys in your emails easily.
But you can still share your Chameleon Microsurveys with users via email; here's how:

This way, your users will view the page where the Microsurvey will be displayed and will be able to engage with it only on the page included in your url rule.

Collecting in-product feedback enables your users to contribute with fresh impressions as they are delighted, or blocked. And you can leverage their impressions to improve your product and their journey. So make it as easy as possible for valuable feedback to reach your eyes. 😊

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