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How can I track user events for targeting Experiences?
How can I track user events for targeting Experiences?

Learn how to define and track events to use as conditions for showing Experiences to your users

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In-product experiences are most effective when they are relevant to a user. You can increase the relevance of a Chameleon Experience by showing it to users based on what they have done in your product. 

There are two ways of achieving this: 

You can send event data to Chameleon (if you use Segment, this data will automatically be synced) which you can use as part of an Imported events filter when creating a user segment. 

This can include front-end events (e.g. user clicking a menu item) or back-end events (such as a user uploading a document).

Note: You can also synchronize your data with any of our native integrations and use these to import events into Chameleon.

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