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What happens if I go over the MTUs limit of my account?
What happens if I go over the MTUs limit of my account?

MTUs pricing, billing, and overages

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MTUs (Monthly Tracked Users) are all the unique user profiles sent to Chameleon from your account within the last month. This is how we count users within Chameleon Experiences and determine monthly costs.

All Chameleon accounts that have been created prior to March 28, 2021, use MAUs (Monthly Active Users) for billing purposes.

👉 You can learn more about the difference between MTUs and MAUs here.

Chameleon will start counting your MTUs once you successfully install the code snippet. Since our infrastructure costs are directly connected with the data you store and manage with Chameleon, your MTU count will be reflected in the monthly costs associated with your Chameleon subscription.

We charge you according to the maximum number of MTUs in each billing period. Chameleon does not aggregate all users historically but keeps a 30-day tracking period to help you get the best out of your Experiences.

The MTU count is based on a query that checks the number of users who have a "last seen time" within the last 30 days.

You can always check on your current user count from your Chameleon Dashboard under Billing to stay on top of your needs and costs.

If your account is going over the MTUs limit of your plan, in a given month, we will add them to your next invoice. We calculate these overages depending on your active Chameleon plan:

Startup Plan

If you are currently on a Chameleon Startup plan, your monthly pricing is based on your MTUs. If you go over the limit set in your plan Chameleon will charge you a standard price based on the overages of MTUs in that given month.

Growth & Enterprise Plan

If you are currently on the Growth or Enterprise Plan, you probably have a little more flexibility, but you will still be charged on the number of monthly MTUs. If you go over your plan limit, we will check how many MTUs are included in your contract, and the overage will appear on your next invoice.

When contracting an annual plan with us, your billing will be based on the number of total MTUs included in your plan, which our Product Specialists help you determine during the evaluation process.

In some cases, your MTUs on a given period might exceed the number included in your plan, resulting in added costs.

There are some possible reasons for your MTUs to exceed your plan, ranging from expected or unexpected growth in your user base to changes in your implementation and the way you send data to Chameleon. We have observed the reasons below to be the most common:

  • You install Chameleon in a new product.

Make sure you install Chameleon only where you intend to show Chameleon Experiences. If you want to add Chameleon to a second or third product, check your active plan. If it’s not enough to cover your needs, contact us to help you calculate an adequate monthly rate of MTUs.

  • You install Chameleon on a marketing page.

If you also install Chameleon on your marketing site, this will surely show up in the number of monthly MTUs. You can always limit your Chameleon installation to a subset of users. Check this out for the steps to do it.

  • You change how Chameleon identifies users.

If Chameleon receives inconsistent data about your user count, this will also increase your MTUs. Make sure you don’t send to Chameleon anonymous users as unique IDs to identify your users correctly across your Chameleon Experiences.

👉 Keep up with your monthly MTUs directly from your Chameleon Dashboard.

We get it. It’s easy to get excited about how Chameleon works 🎉 But it's important to understand how we calculate MTUs, so you can easily spot spikes, changes, and needs.

If you expect changes to your account (organic growth, installing Chameleon in different products, domains, etc.) reach out to us to review your plan. It will be easier and less costly to adjust to your changing needs than it is to pay overages.

You can always check your plan in your Chameleon Dashboard to make sure it covers your needs. And if you’re unsure about making a change, you can use our MTUs slider for a realistic estimation.

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