We've talked a lot about what you can do with Chameleon. Let's get to how to do it as well.

In this lesson, you'll get an overview of the flow of creating and publishing your Experience onto your website.

📝 Check this list before getting started

This is a quick practical activity to check that you're all set to deliver Experiences to your users.

We've put together a checklist to cover all aspects of Chameleon to ensure you're ready to publish your Experiences on your website.

Creating and Publishing your Chameleon Experiences

👉 Watch this video to learn where to begin creating an Experience and how to configure it for successful user guidance.

🎓 To make sure your Experiences look and behave as you want them to, you can always Preview them in the Builder or perform a live Test. Read this article to learn more.

Schedule to get your time back

💡 With Tours and Microsurveys, you have 2 useful options to control when your Experiences are shown to your users:

🎓 You can also set up Alerts to notify you whenever something isn't going as expected. Learn how to configure Alerts from this article.

👉 Next, learn how to define your audience Segments to show Experiences that drive adoption.

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