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Best practices: Teach in bitesized chunks to avoid overwhelming users

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For tours that are automatically shown to users ("push" tours -- read more about how to think about these vs. "pull" tours here) we strongly recommend a ⚠️ maximum of 2 or 3 steps. ⚠️

Anything more than this and you're likely overwhelming users or they are failing to really internalize what you're teaching. 

In cases you use a "pull" (or self-serve tour) you have more scope for intricate and detailed learning, but even in these cases we would strongly suggest nothing more than 3-4 steps. 

If you insist you have a lot to cover, then at minimum break the tour into separate versions. You can configure Part 2 to only begin once a user has completed Part 1. Learn more here.

Please: no 20 step tours -- no matter how unique your product or how specific your use case, we guarantee that users will find these overwhelming and ineffective.

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