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Accessibility in Chameleon
Accessibility in Chameleon

See how Chameleon Experiences conform to WCAG standards

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As we are striving to make every product relevant and accessible to everyone regardless of viewing possibilities, all Chameleon Experiences follow essential accessibility standards.

💡 You can view the complete list of WCAG standards here.

All Chameleon Experiences are built to follow these accessibility rules: 

  • When an Experience is displayed it automatically takes Focus (including when moving to the next Experience).

  • When an Experience is no longer showing, then Focus is reset on the page (back to the top of the page, or to the first element on the page).

  • When an Experience is displayed it contains a "tab trap" -- once a user has tabbed through all clickable components, Focus  moves back to the first clickable component on the Experience.

  • If an Experience is attached to any element, then that element is part of the "tab path" (based on interactivity).

  • The ESC key is used to hide/close the Experience based on context (e.g. Launcher Menu closes, Tooltip hides, etc.)

  • The Dismiss component is clearly labeled in the HTML (either as "close" when the cross is used, or the string when the text is used)

  • Images are labeled with alt="" in the HTML, and you can set this in the Builder when the Media component is selected:

📩 If you find that your Experiences are not meeting the rules from above, then please email us. We want to make sure all users can benefit from your guidance. 🤓

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