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Best Practice: Highlight the value to first time users

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Too often you will spend great time and care customizing a Launcher to help users with a self-serve experience, but the users aren't aware of what they are missing.

As a part of the onboarding process, show your users the value they can find in your Launcher. One way you can do this is as a part of another product Tour, pointing out additional information like help articles can be found in a Launcher.

Here is a quick video demonstrating how you can create this on your account.

Note: This video does not show the latest version of our product. We will soon update all our videos to fit our new style and improvements. 😊

Once users realize the value they stand to gain the lightbulb will turn on and they'll happily engage with this Launcher and are more likely to engage with other Launchers you add in the future.

Read more about how to trigger a Launcher to show "open" in our Developer Hub here.

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