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Explore how to draw insights from HelpBar data to improve your content and in-app support

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HelpBar is the latest UX pattern that supports self-serve onboarding and seamless adoption. It reduces learning friction by enabling users to get answers anywhere in your product.

To better understand users' needs and how to fill in the gaps in their education, you can access data about users' questions and interactions in your HelpBar. Use this to ensure you can successfully answer all questions users may have.

Availability & Usage

βš™οΈ Get from the Dashboard

πŸ‘€ More robust analytics coming soon!

HelpBar automatically collects data on users' searches and interactions, such as the questions they ask, what page they are on when they open your HelpBar, or what resource they click on.

You can access and download these to help you better understand what questions or blockers users face as they use your product. You'll also be able to review associated user properties, to better understand the context or background in specific queries.

From the 'Analytics' tab on your HelpBar page, you can export lists of:

  • users' questions & the answers they received

  • users' interactions, such as opening or closing your HelpBar

  • all the content that has been added to your HelpBar

With each export, you can pick between an email or a Google Drive export, choose the date range, and specify if you'd like the file to include the additional user and company properties available.

β„Ή Connect an analytics integration (Amplitude, Heap, Mixpanel, etc) to be able to analyze HelpBar's performance in your analytics dashboards.

Use this data to uncover gaps in users' challenges and ensure your documentation answers the most common questions and beyond. By enabling AI Answers you allow users to understand product terms or concepts quicker, fostering power users.

To ensure users are equipped to succeed, leverage your integrations as 'Actions' in the HelpBar to allow users to start a chat or book a meeting when they need more help. You can also use this opportunity to gather more feedback or insight and further improve users' experience in your app.

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