You can collect feedback from your users with Microsurveys and trigger other Chameleon Experiences based on this. 

This can be great to show more personalized Tours or Launchers. For example, you can ask a new sign-up about their role or goal and then show an onboarding Experience based on that. 

🎓 To get an overview of how Chameleon Microsurveys work, read this. To learn more about how user targeting within Chameleon works, read this.

How to use Microsurvey Responses to show another Experience?

To target users who already engaged with your Microsurvey, you will have to add this as a filter when creating a user Segment, from the Dashboard.

Choose Chameleon Survey events as a filter when creating your Segment (for a Tour, Launcher, or another Microsurvey), and pick one of the options available to deliver additional guidance to your users

You will be able to filter users based on:

  • Microsurvey was seen: a user experienced the Microsurvey, regardless of whether they exited or completed it.

  • Microsurvey was not seen: a user has not yet experienced the Microsurvey.

  • Microsurvey was answered / Microsurvey was not answered: is based on whether a user completed the initial question or dismissed the Microsurvey without answering.

  • Microsurvey was exited: the user clicked the Dismiss option to exit the Microsurvey.

  • Answer was "ABC": Each answer type is listed here to allow fine-grained control over which specific answers your users gave.

  • Answer was not "ABC": Allow filtering by users who answered the Microsurvey but didn't give a specific answer.

Note: If you set a Microsurvey to repeat, then the most recent response will be used. If you have changed the text of the buttons in the Response Step, the latest live options will be displayed, but all users who clicked that button will be included. 

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