In Chameleon, you can configure buttons to do more than just direct users and connect product components. With Tours, Microsurveys, and Tooltips, you can also configure buttons to update properties as soon as your user clicks a button.

User properties in Chameleon

User properties are attributes that are attached to each user and you can use them for targeting and personalizing the Experiences you deliver.

💡 Learn more about user properties from this article.

You can use Chameleon buttons to launch up to 4 different actions at a time. And one of these Additional actions is the Update Property one, which will update your data in Chameleon for every user who clicks on your button.

How can I use the Update Property Action?

To configure a button to update a user property, go to the Additional Action option, of any Primary or Secondary button. In the Send Data section, you'll have the "Update Property" option. Here you can choose to update specific user properties for everyone who clicks that button.

Define the Property

First, you'll have to choose a user attribute to update. You can pick from the list of existing properties or you can create a new one from the Builder. Your imported or default user properties will be available for you to choose from.

You don't have to worry about matching specific data formats. Chameleon detects it for you and you can easily distinguish between specific user properties.

💡 You can add as many properties as you want, all with a unique name and a good purpose.

Set the Property Value

Next, you'll have to set the value for this Property. You can use static values (such as numbers, text, booleans) or dynamic values such as $now for the current time, or merge tags to pull data from the user or the page.

Message us if you'd like to send some data but are not sure if it's possible.

🎯 This is an essential part when updating user data. You'll see a red outline in the Builder if this field requires your attention.

Creating new user properties

If you want to add a new user property, we'll pick up what you typed in and create a new one with that name. Simply type in the name and if there isn't one created you'll see the option to add it from a "+" icon.

You'll be prompted to add a description to it, so you can stay on top of the user data you manage. Each user property must have a unique name to it, although they can be similar.

🎯 You'll always find newly-added properties at the top of your list for easy access. Otherwise, the list is always alphabetical.

Once you add new properties from the Builder, they'll be available in your Dashboard for you to use.

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