With every Chameleon Experience you create, you can review its changes once it has been published, in the Activity feed. From the Dashboard, go to any Experience to see a time-stamped list of major events and any optional notes editors left.

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What is the Activity feed?

For any Experience you create in Chameleon, you can switch to an Activity feed next to the Edit tab in the Dashboard to see a history log for it:

Activity feed for a Tour in the Dashboard

Here is where you'll find the main activities starting with the moment you create the Experience. If you or any teammate on your account make an update to it, it will show up here, with a timestamp and their Avatar.

You can use the Activity feed to review Experience updates or to set an efficient async workflow for your team, with complete visibility over your contributions.

What updates can I review here?

The first time you build an Experience the feed will show a "created" entry. Once you publish it, you'll see a "published" one, and with every change, you'll see an "updated" entry.

The Activity feed logs when an Experience is:

  • created

  • published

  • unpublished

  • updated

  • scheduled for publishing (or unpublishing)

  • archived or unarchived

Every time you make a change to an Experience, you'll need to Apply your changes before your users see the latest version live. With every update, you can leverage the notes option and inform your teammates of the changes you make.

Publish Experience with an optional note

Your note will appear in the Activity feed next to the updated activity (when you apply your Experience changes). You'll also see a timestamp and the author of each Experience update to make it easy to collaborate with your team.

🤝 While it's easy to identify major Experience events, like "published" or "scheduled", leverage the notes option for any other specific configurations, or styling changes, to let others know what you change. This way, you're leaving an easy-to-follow trail for the next person picking it up.

👉 Learn more about scheduling Experiences in Chameleon.

If you have to review multiple Experiences at once, make your job easier with the Dashboard list view. Identify edited Experiences and use the Activity feed to quickly understand what was changed before applying your changes.

Can I discard Experience changes?

We are working on a way to enable you to review and choose if you'll keep or discard these changes. This will offer more details about the changes made to your Experiences and you can keep a good overview of successful efforts.

👀 This is coming soon to the Dashboard.

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