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Review and Find Experiences in the Dashboard
Review and Find Experiences in the Dashboard

Learn how to use the Dashboard filters and labels to stay on top of your product adoption efforts

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With Chameleon, you can easily jump into your Dashboard to find specific Experiences or review your efforts. You have several ways to identify Experiences that may need your attention or find specific efforts to iterate on.

Quick access

Once you start building Experiences, you'll find all your Experiences on the same product page (e.g. Tours). You can switch between different views and apply filters to review your Experiences.

Experience filters, views and sorting oprions in the Dashboard

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about using Tags to organize Experiences in Chameleon, or about setting the Priority order in the Dashboard.

In the Dashboard, you have a Status label for all Experiences to make it easier to understand what's happening on your account or help you identify Experiences that need your attention.

πŸ’‘ Watch out for Edited Experiences - these require you to apply the changes before users see the latest version live in your product. Learn more about reviewing Experience changes.

To find specific Experiences you want to review or update, you can leverage the filters available in the Dashboard. These include Experience data or relevant account data, such as teammates' activity, and will bring up:

Completion rate *excluding Tooltips & Launchers

Experiences with more than, equal, or less than a specific %

Created by/ Last edited by

The Avatar and name of the person who created the Experience, or edited it

Date created/Date last edited

Experiences created (or edited) before, after, or on a specific date


Experiences from a specific Environment

Last seen

Experiences that end-users saw more than/ less than a specific nr. of days, since a specific date or that have never been seen


Experiences by name

Segment *excluding Tooltips

Experiences showing to a specific Segment


Experiences by status


Experiences with a specific Chameleon Tag

Total completed/started *excluding Tooltips & Launchers

Experiences that have been completed (or started) more than, less than, or equal to a set number of times

Translations *if Localization used

Experiences that include or do not include set languages, or that have or have not Translations set

Type *for Microsurveys

URLs targeted

Experiences showing on URLs that contain, or do not contain specific keywords

πŸ‘‰ You can use multiple filters to narrow down very specific efforts on your account or find Experiences that need your attention.

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