It's not enough to get a general feeling when collecting user feedback. You want to know the details, especially since you're getting them fresh and honest, while they were using your product. 😉

You can collect free-form text responses from your users either directly, using the Input or Dropdown Microsurvey types, or as a follow-up to a Chameleon Microsurvey step. For example, after a user responds to an NPS Microsurvey, you can request additional written feedback.

Availability & Usage

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Collecting feedback with Input Microsurveys

You can ask for well-thought descriptions or general feedback with Input Microsurveys. To use this, simply select this Microsurvey type from the Dashboard when creating a new Microsurvey.

Survey types in the Dashboard - Input type selected

With this option, your respondents can leave you a free-form message that you'll receive in Chameleon. Simply select either the short or long text option, from the Input settings component.

Microsurvey Input settings from the Builder

💡 Learn more about Input Microsurveys.

Collecting feedback with Dropdown Microsurveys

You can collect open-ended responses from users with a Dropdown Microsurvey.

Simply select this Microsurvey type from the list when creating one in the Dashboard.

Survey types in the Dashboard - Dropdown type selected

This way, you can provide an additional field where users can leave short or long-form input. From the Dropdown component in the Builder, toggle on the "Other" option and choose your preferred input type.

Dropdown input options - Other input types from the Builder

💡 Learn more about Dropdown Microsurveys.

Collecting feedback with a 'Comments Step'

Except for Input Microsurveys, you can add a 'Comments Step' to any Chameleon Microsurvey, from the Builder. Click the "+" icon in the Builder Top Bar to add one to any Microsurvey, and configure it as usual.

Builder Top Bar - adding Survey Comments Step

This will trigger a follow-up Step to your question where users can provide more details or insight into the feedback or rating they gave.

Survey preview - default, comments and thank you Steps

Downloading responses

You can find all the results of your Microsurveys, including free-form responses within the Chameleon Dashboard, on the 'Analytics' tab of each Microsurvey you publish.

Simply scroll down to see a breakdown of your responses, or download the responses as a CSV file from the 'Actions' dropdown in the top-right corner.

Microsurvey analytics tab in the Dashboard

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