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Collect open-ended responses from Microsurveys
Collect open-ended responses from Microsurveys

Learn how to gather free-form user feedback with Chameleon Microsurveys

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It's not enough to get a general feeling when collecting user feedback. You want to know the details, especially since you're getting them fresh and honest, while they were using your product. πŸ˜‰

You can collect free-form text responses from your users either directly, using the Input or Dropdown Microsurvey types, or as a follow-up to a Chameleon Microsurvey step. For example, after a user responds to an NPS Microsurvey, you can request additional written feedback.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Startup - 5 Microsurveys, Growth & Enterprise - unlimited Microsurveys

πŸ“© Contact to discuss your plan needs

You can ask for well-thought descriptions or general feedback with Input Microsurveys. To use this, simply select this Microsurvey type from the Dashboard when creating a new Microsurvey.

Survey types in the Dashboard - Input type selected

With this option, your respondents can leave you a free-form message that you'll receive in Chameleon. Simply select either the short or long text option, from the Input settings component.

Microsurvey Input settings from the Builder

πŸ’‘ Learn more about Input Microsurveys.

You can collect open-ended responses from users with a Dropdown Microsurvey.

Simply select this Microsurvey type from the list when creating one in the Dashboard.

Survey types in the Dashboard - Dropdown type selected

This way, you can provide an additional field where users can leave short or long-form input. From the Dropdown component in the Builder, toggle on the "Other" option and choose your preferred input type.

Dropdown input options - Other input types from the Builder

πŸ’‘ Learn more about Dropdown Microsurveys.

Except for Input Microsurveys, you can add a 'Comments Step' to any Chameleon Microsurvey, from the Builder. Click the "+" icon in the Builder Top Bar to add one to any Microsurvey, and configure it as usual.

Builder Top Bar - adding Survey Comments Step

This will trigger a follow-up Step to your question where users can provide more details or insight into the feedback or rating they gave.

Survey preview - default, comments and thank you Steps

You can find all the responses to Microsurveys, including free-form responses within the Chameleon Dashboard, on the 'Analytics' page, for each Microsurvey you publish.

Simply scroll down to see a breakdown of your responses, or download the responses as a CSV file from the 'Actions' dropdown in the top-right corner.

Microsurvey analytics tab in the Dashboard

You can also see responses in your Dashboard, and leverage AI to review feedback faster. Find the "Summarize with AI" option in the Microsurvey responses section and review a summary of all responses on the Activity Feed.

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