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Creating Experiences
Start Creating Experiences
Start Creating Experiences

Explore the process of creating Tours, Tooltips, Microsurveys, and Launchers

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In this collection, you'll find guides on how to configure your Experiences and deliver them to your users.

  • Design - everything from leveraging your brand colors, to using account Templates, or adding Custom CSS

  • Build - the basics of positioning, personalizing, or creating multi-Step Experiences

  • Actions and interactions - allow users to snooze, add buttons that launch your connected integrations, or run custom code scripts.

  • Target - control who sees your Experience, show Tours to visitors, or on mobile devices

  • Display control - options to control how users can trigger Steps, how many Experiences and how often they should appear, and more.

You also have a section with overview articles, interactive demos, and guides on each product. Check out the overview articles for each below:

To help you stay efficient and collaborate smoothly with your team in Chameleon you'll also find a section on managing Experiences in Chameleon.

To help you analyze the impact of your Experiences and understand where to iterate, you can see the section on analyzing Experiences.

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