Chameleon collects both the responses to your Microsurveys as well as the data associated with the performance of Microsurveys. You can use this information to deliver better Experiences or to develop your product in a way that is aligned with your users' needs.

Quick access

Where can I see my Microsurvey data?

You can access your Survey data in the following places:

What data does Chameleon collect?

Data includes events (e.g. Chameleon Microsurvey started sent every time a Microsurvey is seen by a user) and properties of events (e.g. button_text which contains the text of the button within a Microsurvey that was clicked by a user).

For full details of all Chameleon data collected by the different Chameleon Experiences, use our schema Google Sheet.

What are the reporting options?

Within the Chameleon Dashboard, you will see an overall Microsurveys reporting page that shows which Microsurveys have been created and provide an overview of your Microsurvey that are live and collecting data.

You can click on any particular Microsurvey to see the specific reporting for that Microsurvey, including custom charts for the different Microsurvey types.

Can I use integrations to analyze my data?

As outlined above, all the Chameleon events are sent to connected integrations, so you can leverage existing analytics tools to report on Chameleon Microsurvey data.

For example, you can select the Chameleon Completed Microsurvey event and group by the button_text to see how users have responded.

Here is an example of how to do that within Mixpanel:

If you have connected Chameleon via Segment, then Chameleon will act as a Source and send this data to Segment and onwards to any other connected integrations.

Slack integration

The Chameleon Slack integration allows you to send Microsurvey responses to a Slack channel. This can be great to more widely share responses and help your wider team passively hear from users.

🎓 Read this article to learn how to configure your Slack integration in Chameleon.

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