What's in my free trial?

Explore the features you get access to during your free trial

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If you're new to Chameleon or have been on the Free plan for a while, you can opt for a free trial to explore all the other features you can leverage in Chameleon. The more sophisticated features, from our Growth and Enterprise plans, can help you confidently deliver in-app Experiences and collaborate with your team more easily.

πŸ‘‰ If you haven't started your free trial yet, you can do so here.

With our 14-day trial, you can:

  • create and publish unlimited Experiences

  • collect and sync data via integrations or API

  • access to advanced features, such as Rate Limiting, or A/B Testing

Before starting your trial

Chameleon is a no-code product adoption platform that helps you create in-product Experiences for many use cases and deploy them to users in minutes. It integrates with tens of integrations, so you can leverage your tool stack to help users succeed.

To make the most out of your free trial, you should be comfortable with a few Chameleon basics:

πŸ‘‰ Make sure you invite your teammates so they can also test and evaluate Chameleon during your trial.

Shining Growth features

Our Growth features don't limit your in-app success if you're on the Startup plan, but they help scale your efforts faster and provide more control.

Advanced A/B testing

With A/B Testing you can establish the efficacy of your in-app Tours and decide which Variation drives more engagement. You can review experiment events in your analytics tools as well.

Rate Limiting

Try out Experience-throttling and set Rate Limits to control the maximum frequency with which Chameleon Experiences are automatically shown to your users. Know that users won't be overwhelmed and easily add "Exclusions" for important messages.


You can set multiple Alerts to know when Experiences are underperforming, and users aren't engaging with them. Get email or Slack notifications to quickly optimize in-apps.

Shining Enterprise features

The Enterprise features help amplify your efforts and provide deeper account control and security for larger teams.

Powerful Integrations

Access all integrations and leverage Salesforce, Hubspot, Figma, and more to send data for targeting, engage users from in-app Experiences, or control your design style with more ease.


Easily show Experiences in multiple languages and drive more engagement. Upload different translations, including specific media that appear based on each language.

Team Roles

Enjoy better control over your joined efforts in Chameleon and set different Roles for your Teammates. This ensures each member can freely roam in the Dashboard without disrupting your account activity.

πŸ‘‰ Want to continue to use these every day? Upgrade to a paid plan.

🦎 Tip: start with a single use case and goal

It's easy to start using Chameleon and tackle one use case after another. But if you're just starting, take it one step at a time and start from a single use case with a goal that you can track.

Maybe you're looking to improve your onboarding or get more in-app feedback. Build out your first Experience (check out our Templates if you need some inspiration), go live, and start assessing how this impacts your goal.

If you've been on the free plan for a while, try creating different audiences for your HelpBar content and build a Tour that you can integrate with existing efforts. You can also leverage your integrated tools with HelpBar, and explore the other Chameleon features that help you drive adoption.

What happens when my trial ends?

After 14 days if you don't opt-in for any of the paid Chameleon Plans, your account will be reverted to the Free plan. In this case, any live Experiences will be unpublished (except for HelpBar).

πŸ‘‰ You can upgrade to a paid Chameleon plan anytime during your trial, or connect with us to help make your choice easier.

If you opt-in for a Startup plan, some Experiences might be unpublished to accommodate the plan limits (e.g. if you have multiple live Launchers).

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