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The old Sidebar vs. the new Dashboard
The old Sidebar vs. the new Dashboard

See how the configuring flow changed from the Sidebar to the Dashboard and how to build Experiences today.

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As we’re welcoming everyone into our new Dashboard, we want to make sure that your flow will be improved by these updates.

The Dashboard configuration brings speed and efficiency to your flow. And we want you to take full advantage of it. 😎 Here’s what’s changed within Chameleon to make your in-product guidance smoother.

Note: In this article, we picked Tours to showcase the difference in flows, but the same changes apply to all Experiences, to the extent the feature is available for that type.

Quick access

Start, configure, publish, and repeat - all from the Dashboard. For all Experiences, the build and configuration flow takes place fully in the Dashboard, as opposed to the Builder's sidebar.

Position, triggers, styling tweaks - still done through the Builder, directly in your app. For all visual configurations, you'll continue to use the Builder directly onto your interface.

💡 Your starting point is now the Dashboard (i.e. You'll enter the Builder to make contextual edits and settings in your interface.

This includes

Organizing your product adoption efforts with Tags is now in the Dashboard, on top of your Experience configuration panels.

🎯 You will continue to use the Builder as before, for everything that requires you to be contextually present (e.g. position, display rules, dismiss, button Actions). All Experience-wide configurations will happen in the Dashboard, to connect you easier to essential components and features.

To move from one Experience to another, while building, reviewing, or improving existing Experiences, you can now use the HelpBar.

Open it with CMD+K or (CTRL+k) anywhere in Chameleon and search for Experiences, configuration options, or help docs, and you will be taken to it. Poof! 😉

To control where you want your Experience to display, you can now use Environments from the Dashboard. ✨ Group up several domains or subdomains, to control different product Experiences, or deliver Experiences based on your development cycle.

💡 You can still use URL rules to further tweak where an Experience should appear.

If you have any questions about these updates you can contact us, we are here to help. 😊

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