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Using Banners for critical messages
Using Banners for critical messages
Learn how to create Banners at the top of your page for high-value announcements
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With Chameleon, there are various ways you can engage users and keep them in the loop on your latest product news.

In the case of critical messages that should be seen by all users, you can create a Banner Tour that sits at the top (or bottom) of your app to ensure it receives the proper visibility.

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As Banners appear full-width at the top (or bottom) of a page they are hard to miss in-app. They are essential components to drive engagement towards messages that users will benefit from seeing, no matter their goal in your app. Here are some cases where Banners shine:

  • announcing downtimes -- prevent incoming queries by notifying users about expected disruptions and how this can affect them; this is how you set expectations and show off your well-maintained product instead of interrupting users without notice.

  • driving renewals -- remind users about account limits, or even better, to renew their subscription to continue to enjoy your product and crush their goals with their team. You can stand by to help them figure out what's best for their needs.

  • invite to high-interest events -- announce and enable users to sign up for popular events they won't want to miss. Invested users will love the possibility to learn more in just 3 clicks: "Sign up" - "Join" - "Leave".

  • offer exclusive offers -- engage users with relevant offers that are soon to expire, so they will never miss a great deal ever again.

  • share exciting company news -- for news you can't keep to yourself, where else to blast it than from the top of your app? Share your latest company wins, funding announcements, or impactful turns that users will be happy to celebrate with you.

Depending on the urgency of your message, you can show it as users open your app or as they wrap up their tasks, below, for less-intrusive communication.

In Chameleon, you can create a native Banner and deploy it to users in minutes. From the Dashboard, pick Tours and select the Banner Tour type. You'll go on to build it as a single-Step announcement in your app.

You'll go on to build it as a single-Step announcement in your app. In the Builder, you'll have a few useful options to ensure your Banner gets the right attention:

  • Set a position -- control whether to appear at the bottom or top of the page; you can also leverage the BETA pushdown option that pushes your app content below.

  • Configure the CTA -- choose a position for your main CTA, and add an additional Action to connect users to a relevant resource or action.

Once you're done with the Builder options, head back to the Dashboard, where you'll find the usual Tour configurations to round up your Banner and publish it to your users.

A banner is essentially a Tour Step that displays full width at the top of a page. If you want to leverage other Tour options for your Banner, you can create an Announcement Tour with these configurations:

  • Set its Position to be 'Relative to Screen' and to show in the 'top-center- position

  • Set the Canvas width to 100%

  • Click on any buttons in the Step and choose 'Position - Center right' (this will make the buttons inline with your text)

You can configure any other components as normal. We suggest to:

πŸ‘‰ If you'd like to create an independent Banner, keep one, single Step in your Tour.

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